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Soft Drink Industry

Pepsi Bottlers

  • Charminar Bottling Co. Limited, Hyderabad
  • Devyani Beverages Limited, New Delhi
  • Dhillon Kool Drinks Pvt. Limited, Panipat
  • Dhillon Kool Drinks Pvt. Limited, Phillaur
  • Dukes & Sons Limited, Bombay
  • Gujarat Bottling Company Limited, Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat Bottling Company Limited, Rajkot
  • Kamani Foods Limited, Jamshedpur
  • Krishnamohan Beverages & Construction Limited, Vizag
  • Pearl Drinks Pvt. Limited, New Delhi
  • Pepsico India Holdings, B'lore
  • Pepsico India Holdings, Madras
  • Pepsico India Holdings, Madurai
  • Pepsico India Holdings, Roha
  • Pepsico India Holdings, Satharia
  • Pepsico India Holdings, Unnao/Jainpur
  • Pure Beverages Limited, Ahmedabad
  • Sri Krishna Bottlers Pvt. Limited, Vijayawada
  • Sunrise Food Products Limited, Calcutta
  • Swastik Aerated Products Limited, Khatmandu
  • Tripty Drinks Pvt. Limited, Cuttack
  • Universal Beverages Limited, Goa
  • Universal Drinks Limited, Nagpur
  • Varun Beverages Limited, Jaipur

Coca-cola Bottlers

  • Amritsar Beverages Limited, Amritsar
  • Amritsar Crown Caps Pvt. Limited, Amritsar
  • Associated Beverages Pvt. Limited, Guwahati
  • Black Diamond Beverages Limited, Dankuni
  • Black Diamond Beverages Limited, Taratala
  • Brindavan Agro Industries Limited, Hathras
  • Brindavan Bottlers Pvt. Limited, Lucknow
  • Britco Foods Co. Limited, Pune
  • Chennai Bottling Co. Limited, Madras
  • Coolade Beverages Limited, Sahibabad
  • Delhi Bottling Co.Limited, Delhi
  • Enrich Agro Food Products (P) Limited, Gurgaon
  • Goa Bottling Co. Limited, Goa
  • Hyderabad Bottling Co. Limited, Hyderabad
  • Indore Bottling Co. Limited, Indore
  • Jaihind Bottling Co. Pvt. Limited, Kanpur
  • Jammu Bottling Co. Pvt. Limited, Jammu
  • Kandhari Beverages (P) Limited, Chandigarh
  • Kejriwal Beverages Pvt. Limited. Varanasi
  • Ludhiana Bottling Co.(P) Limited, Ludhiana
  • Mansarovar Bottling Co. Limited, Najibabad
  • Mewar Bottling Co. Pvt. Limited, Udaipur
  • Moon Beverages Pvt.Limited, Sahibabad
  • Nasik Beverages Pvt. Limited, Nasik
  • Parle Bottling Co Pvt. Limited, Patalganga
  • Spectra Industries Limited, Secunderabad
  • Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Limited, Rajahmundry
  • Superior Drinks Pvt. Limited, Nagpur
  • Surat Beverages Limited, Surat
  • VBC Industries Limited, Vizag


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